Super Scratch

Superscratch scratch cards are really into their scratch cards in a big way and it is great to see that the site is all about having some great fun and playing some really good scratch games. The site is packed with some great features, but here are a few that make it just that little bit different:

  • Site has a history of cards
  • Really simple instructions
  • Great graphics
  • $1 million jackpot
  • 77 games to play Preview

Super Scratch

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So with a choice of 77 scratch or online pokies games to choose from, you really will find something to captivate your interest. I like the way that the online pokie games and the scratch cards are all under one roof and you don’t have to leave the site to play one or the other.

It is also really easy to get free scratch cards, so that you can simply scratch off for free, then you can play for real with proper online scratch cards when you feel ready.

There is also a great feel to this site. Some online scratch card sites don’t have an air of fun and enjoyment, but this one definitely does. That’s why I think it is one of the best places to play online scratch cards.

I have to say I also like the way that you can play for a $1 million jackpot. That would suit me just great. How about you?

Clear Scratch Card Instructions

The site also has some really clear instructions, so that you can see really easily how to play the scratch cards, although if you know the games already, then you can get straight in there and scratch off straight away.

The instructions are really easy to understand and they are written in a way that is clear, without being patronising. They merely set out the objectives of the scratchcard, how it is played and what you can win. I like this touch because it makes the scratch cards much more appealing for people who have never played online scratch cards before. After all, we all had to learn how to play scratch games at one point, didn’t we?

New games and scratch cards are added on a frequent basis and they will write to you and tell you about new games, simply by sending you an email, so you are always kept up to date about the new scratch cards that are being placed on the site. A great way of keeping up with the times!

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