Mister Joker

While some scratch cards are easy to understand, other pokies are more complex. The idea is to find ones of each kind that you’ll love playing. One of my favourite scratch games in the easy camp is Mister Joker. It’s fast and easy and great to play! Here’s how the Mister Joker idea plays out on the scratchies:

  • Lots of scratch tickets prices to play with, from just 50p a go
  • Scratch card amazement will be yours if you reveal the Joker!
  • Mister Joker deals you three cards to play with – one is the Joker and you get one chance to choose right
  • You can reveal the scratchcard prize first to see what’s at stake
  • Look for the jolly Joker skipping for joy if you pick a winner on the scratch card!

Mister Joker

The game is so easy to play it’s superb for anyone who hasn’t played scratchies at all yet. You get a couple of prompts on the scratch game screen when you start, and the first selection to make is the scratch cards ticket price. Once you know the price of the scratch game to play, you can start. You’ll be dealt three cards and the idea is to pick one at random. If you reveal a Joker you win the prize revealed out of the card packet on the onlie pokies card. If you don’t get the Joker the scratch game is over and you can try again.

The thing I love best about Mister Joker is what happens when your scratchies win. A big ‘you win’ message is revealed along with the amount, and a Joker appears on the right side of the scratch cards, standing on a playing card! It’s certainly a nice surprise and a good way to get you in the mood to play more scratch tickets.

Scratch games are great when they’re as simple as Mister Joker

There’s no doubt Mister Joker is a good addition to the realm of simple scratch games online today. Straightforward scratchies ideas are good to try in between more involved scratchcard events. The more you wager on the scratch cards the more you might win too, which is another good bet.

The colourful online pokie game is also good to look at as it makes you feel like you’re in a casino, sitting at one of the tables. Some scratch sites have other games like that too, so watch out for the best ones!

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