Scratch the Derby

Horse racing can be very exciting. But so can playing scratch games online, and the scratch game known as Scratch the Derby has combined the two for maximum excitement. I’ll tell you just how exciting it is to play the scratchcard, no matter what your budget is when you begin. I found out the following advantages and tactics when I started playing Scratch the Derby as one of my top choices of scratch cards:

  • All you have to do is find symbols that match – three win a prize!
  • Get started by wagering as little as 50p on a game of Scratch the Derby
  • Click ‘ok’ on the pokies once you’ve selected the amount to bet
  • Scratch all areas of the card to reveal the symbols – three the same win!
  • The chart on the right of the scratchies reveals if you’ve won anything

Scratch the Derby

The game screen on the scratchies is easy and pleasing to the eye. I love a scratch game that looks good, especially if it’s an online pokie game I’ll want to play time and again. Scratch the Derby fits the bill perfectly – the scratchies are clearly designed and sharply focused too.

The lowest scratch game stake is just 50p, and the prizes are written in multiples of your stake. The scratch games pay out up to a hundred times your wager! The other great thing I love about the scratchcard is that you get a proper coin to scratch the panels with. Just move your mouse over the scratchcard and that’s it. Scratch cards seem more real when they allow you to do that.

You can also see the symbols you reveal filling up the boxes on the right of the scratch cards. When three fill up that are the same, you win the prize stated. It will be a multiple of whatever your onlie pokies bet was.

Scratch the Derby gives you the chance to win back double or more on your scratchies

The smallest win is double your bet amount. The scratch card is understandably popular then; not every scratchies game allows you to grab back double or more. I enjoyed these scratch tickets because of the look and feel of them – they offer great game play for sure.

I love sporting types of scratch games and Scratch the Derby is ideal in that sense. Scratch cards sites that have the games are popular with me, and I will always try out scratch cards as good as Scratch the Derby – every single time I find them!

Play Scratch the Derby Now!

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