Wow. Scratch cards are available in all different forms, but this is one of the best scratch cards that you will ever come across. It really is great and l love this scratch game. I can’t believe how simple it is and how much of a fantastic scratch card it is!


The concept of this scratch game is so simple. You have numbers between 1 and 54 and you have to predict whether or not the next number that will come up will be higher or lower. Now you may think that is too simple to be a good scratch game, but it isn’t, so why don’t you check out the features:

  • Whopping $200,000 jackpot to be won
  • You can either bet low or bet high; the choice is yours
  • Music helps create the mood and feel of a casino
  • Really bright, clear colours make the game very accessible
  • Incredibly easy to play and clear instructions

These features combine to make a scratch game that is quite simply the best scratch game you are going to come across. I am a bit of an expert in scratch games, so it takes a lot to delight me. But believe me, when I came across these scratch tickets I was quite simply amazed. It really felt as if scratch cards had reached a new level.

Scratchies To Test Your Powers Of Prediction

I love the way that these scratchies let you test your powers of prediction. Some scratch tickets feel as if they are already pre-ordained, but with these scratch cards you predict whether the number is higher or lower. This is definitely the best of all scratch games; I am amazed that one of the simplest scratch games could be one of the best. But it’s true.

It is such a good scratchcard because you feel as if you are wholly in control and with some scratch games, you just don’t get this feeling. Certainly with online pokie games, it isn’t possible to predict anything. You just spin the wheel and see if you have won at pokies. But with this scratchcard you are firmly in control. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pokies, but I adore this kind of scratch card.

So if you want to use your powers of prediction, then this is the scratch card for you. I can also confidently predict that you will love this scratch card it really is a fantastic scratch game all you need to do is to get to a scratch cards site and have fun!

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