Route to Riches

My best scratch game is one that has some innovation in the design. Scratch cards should be different and exciting ideally, and the Route to Riches pokies is definitely in a league of its own there! Here’s what I discovered about the scratch games known as Route to Riches:

  • The first step is to figure out how much you want to stake on the scratch cards
  • Route to Riches allows you to choose three world cities on the scratchies
  • Your plane flies to each city you choose and you’ll unwrap parts of some treasures
  • Scratchcard fun begins when you try to match three pieces of the same treasure
  • If you match three correctly you win the amount stated for that piece on the scratchies

Route To Riches

The first thing I loved about the scratch game was its ability to immerse you in game play. Not all scratch tickets do that, but the feel of the scratch cards in Route to Riches was authentic. You’ve got nine world locations to choose from and you need to pick three on each scratch game. Your little plane will then fly to each one and open up a folder there. Each folder contains three parts of various treasures and by the end of the scratch games you want to have three matching ones for a single item. You’ll then win the prize for the item as stated underneath it on the onlie pokies.

As such the game takes a little longer to play than many scratch games. But it’s one of the points to note when you play it. Some scratchies are over as soon as you begin. But Route to Riches lasts longer than many scratch cards.

Scratch card joy comes easily when you’re playing Route to Riches

Some of the scratch card prizes here are small ones, as you’d expect. Although, the scratch card winnings will depend on what you wagered initially when you played the game. So it will depend on how much you want to bet on Route to Riches as to what you could win with the online pokie.

One thing is for sure though – it’s a well realised and created game that many scratchies fans will appreciate. If you’re after something a bit different from the normal scratchcard, you’ll enjoy the Route to Riches alternative. I certainly have and I’ve visited a few scratch cards sites to try it out as well. Why don’t you do the same to see if you like it as well?

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