Goal Kick

Although I don’t like football on the whole, I have really taken to Goal Kick scratch cards and my man, who doesn’t usually like scratch cards, absolutely loves Goal Kick scratch cards. These are quite different in terms of the usual online scratch cards and it is really good fun to try and score higher than the team has scored. Goal Kick scratchcards have some really fabulous features, so you can take a look at:

  • A really interactive way to play
  • Some great atmospherics
  • A sense of being in a football stadium
  • High cash prizes
  • A game for both men and women

Goal Kick

When my boyfriend played, he found he loved it. Although he does go to online scratch card sites, his main love is online pokie games and I have to drag him away from his online pokie sometimes. But once he had tried Goal Kick scratch cards, he was bowled over and kept shouting when he had got a good goal.

We got a bit competitive and kept trying to see who could score the most (but he won). It isn’t quite the same as some online scratchcards because you don’t get to scratch off in the same way as you do on other scratch cards, but you get to score goals, Which is great for anyone like me who hasn’t a hope of goal scoring in the real world.

Goal Kick Scratch Cards Let You Dream You Are A Master Footballer

The one thing I really noticed about the Goal Kick scratch cards is the sense of anticipation. You really do feel as if you are going to launch a goal that could make or break the game. The graphics are really clever and it is amazing how they manage to build up a real sense of excitement.

At first I wasn’t sure that I would be able to play Goal Kick scratch game, mainly because my knowledge of football is zero. So I logged on but straight away I got it, it is really easy to pick up, which I like. I started with free scratch cards because I thought I would get the hang of it before I played for real. But after two free cards, I was confident enough to start playing for real. And I am glad that I did, because the prizes are really good and you get the added sense of achievement at firing that ball into the net. So simply enjoy the delights of Goal Kick scratch cards.

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