Road to Victory

Football is a great sport for many, but would you ever think it would appear on scratch cards? It sounds weird but it’s true – scratch games called Road to Victory are now online to play. Online pokie will never be the same again! Here’s how the Road to Victory games work when you spot the scratch card:

  • Play the scratchies from just 0.01 a go!
  • Road to Victory lets you choose your team colours to play
  • The scratch cards feature lots of footballing images to try and match up
  • Thirty lines make gameplay features more appealing and give more choices
  • Scratchcard fun will be yours with the opportunity to win several times with one spin!

Road to Victory

The scratch game will appeal if you love football, but even if footballing scratch tickets don’t sound like fun you’ll change your mind once you’ve tried the Road to Victory pokies. Scratch games all have their features and these are addictive.

I’ve picked different teams for every game, since it personalised my scratch cards each time. My policy is to stick with the minimum bets on my scratchies and play the most lines, but your scratch games policy could be different. Try some alternative methods to see what you like for the onlie pokies.

The scratch game features an easy to read paytable telling you what the scratch game symbols mean. Wild and of course scatter symbols are both in the scratch cards, but you’ll see a bonus too. Get three of these and you’ll play the scratch games bonus round – the Victory Squad Manager. It’s superb fun to try!

Road to Victory brings footballing excitement to the world of the scratchies

Whatever team you support you’ll be in the game with the scratchies here. I’ve won several prizes with a single spin on some occasions, and even smaller scratch card prizes are well worth playing for. If you watch your budget you’ll see how easy scratchcard fun can be to have more often as well. Don’t assume you have to play large bets all the time – it’s easier to play all the lines but make sure your individual betting amount is smaller.

Road to Victory is practically unique in the team colours way. I can’t think of any other game that’s quite the same, and it’s why I keep going back. That and the prizes I’ve won of course, and the experience I have on the scratch card sites! It all adds up to a superb Road to Victory for me as well, and it could for you.

Play Road to Victory Now!

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