The Fairy Tale

Sometimes you will see scratchies that really captivate you. I felt that way when I saw the scratch game known as The Fairy Tale. The title of the scratch card makes perfect sense, as you’ll see when you try the pokies for the first time. When I played The Fairy Tale the following pointers became clear immediately on the scratch cards:

  • Prices of scratch cards are ideal for all pockets, starting from an incredible 50p
  • Fairytale characters are there to reveal in the turrets on the animated scratchcard
  • Will you find three characters the same? You’ll have to in order to win the game!
  • The Fairy Tale is unique and charming and could be the best scratch games for you
  • Simple game idea – five turrets to check to find three characters looking identical

The Fairy Tale

A scratch card should always be enjoyable and feel thrilling. You certainly never know what you’ll find on the scratch tickets here. I’ve opened the turret windows to find dragons, fairies and even pirates – all on the same scratch games! You just never know what you’ll see next – but hopefully it’ll be three matching people to win on the scratchies.

It’s easy to tell when you’ve snagged a winning scratch game. A message tells you you’ve won and the amount appears in a box below the turrets on the scratchies. The scratch games are nicely animated as well, so you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. I found the bright screen very good too, as it looked good and made the scratch cards pretty and fairytale like.

The good thing about the scratch game is the appeal and eye catching design it uses. It’s one of the finest scratch card ideas I have seen, and it’s why I tend to play several scratch cards in a row as they are so nice. The other good thing about the online pokie is that it doesn’t require you to constantly refer to rules to understand the scratchies.

Watch your winnings add up with some luck on The Fairy Tale and a range of onlie pokies

The Fairy Tale is a good choice for people who haven’t played scratch card games before. Don’t get bogged down in rules – just pick a price, start playing and hopefully you’ll have a winner. It’s a nice game to find on plenty of scratch sites and once you’ve found it you’ll want to play on and on like I did! I still go back to it now because it’s nice and entertaining.

Play The Fairy Tale Now!

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