Fast Hands

Sometimes I come across some more unusual scratch cards when I’m playing pokies online. I’m tempted to try them and some of the scratch tickets I play tend to remain as favourites. You’ll soon find it applies to Fast Hands, a scratch game that really gets you thinking! Here’s what I found out when I started playing the scratch game called Fast Hands:

  • As many as six hands to play against in every scratch card known as Fast Hands
  • £100,000 is the top prize if you get that lucky when playing!
  • Scratch card prices to suit all budgets, beginning with a 25p card
  • A tie against one or more hands means you play again
  • As many as six chances to win with each card

Fast Hands

You’ll probably guess why it’s one of my top scratchies to play. You’ve got your choice of how many hands to wager money against on every scratchcard. You can play just one if you like, or all six, or anything in between on the scratch games. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you play the scratch cards exactly as you want to.

I think the reason it’s a good scratch game to try is because most people will be familiar with the rock, paper and scissors game. It’s now been transformed into the scratchies version, and it’s easy to understand because of it. Scratch tickets are often memorable because of the idea behind them, and with Fast Hands onlie pokies it’s very true.

You’ll also like the scratch games because you’ve got multiple chances to win. Some scratch cards only have one chance per card, but the scratchcard Fast Hands doesn’t do that. You can grab six chances if you like!

See whether you have Fast Hands when you try the scratch cards yourself

Scratchies are popular for various different reasons. Some scratchies are popular for being different, and that’s the case here. Fast Hands is a sensational game of online pokie, and most people will enjoy it just because of that.

It’s also well drawn and simple to understand, and because there is the chance of tying you can play on to win or lose as well. Scratch games that have different methods of play like Fast Hands are usually among the most frequently played on scratch cards sites. I’ve been there and tried it for myself, and come away with a few prizes too. See if you’ll be as lucky today by having a go at Fast Hands!

Play Fast Hands Now!

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