The scratch game Champagne is just the right game when you want to unwind after a busy day and enjoy all the thrills of online scratch cards, dream of champagne and have the chance of winning a fabulous jackpot, all at the same time. The scratch card game Champagne has some great features:

  • A real sense of luxury
  • Gives you the chance to win some great prizes
  • It oozes sophistication
  • You get a taste of the high life
  • Really easy to play


One of the most appealing things about online scratch cards is that they are so quick and the Champagne scratchcards don’t let you down, they are really quick, but sometimes it’s really good fun just to take a few minutes to check out which of the squares you are going to pick to scratch off, just to savour the moment and make it last.

You can even get free Champagne scratch cards, so you don’t have to pay for the scratch cards, if you just want to play for fun. Though the cash jackpot prizes are so good that you will probably want to start playing Champagne scratchcards for real.

Champagne Scratch Cards Are Luxury Itself

The setting for Champagne scratch cards is a really classy bar, with champagne bottles and champagne or cocktail glasses and all that you have to do is to match up four identical sums, to win that prize. There are 9 squares in total, so it isn’t hard to match up four.

Of all the online scratch cards sites I’ve visited, and games that I ‘ve played, this is definitely one of my favourites. You can feel like you are in a bar, soaking up all the atmosphere, without leaving your front door and because the chances of winning are really good, you get that added excitement of seeing if you have won or not.

I also liked the way that the graphics are quite classy, but very simple. They are actually quite elegant, without being over the top, which is very much my style. I admit that I used to like playing online pokie quite a bit and was sure that I would never desert my online pokies, but now I am pretty sure that I am converted to the high life that comes with the Champagne scratch cards.

And who knows, if I win that fabulous Champagne scratchcard jackpot, I could be drinking champagne for real; all the time. I think that I have definitely got a taste for the high life, thanks to Champagne scratch cards!

Play Champagne Now!

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