King Kong

If you’ve seen the King Kong film you’ll know every aspect of the story. If you’re into scratchies as well, you’ll soon realise that all the major parts of the story appear on the scratch cards. Take the opportunity to try some very different scratch games now you’ve found King Kong for yourself. Let’s check out the features packed into the scratchies known by the name of King Kong:

  • Starting wagers per payline of just 0.02
  • A massive twenty five paylines to liven up the game!
  • King Kong appears on the scratchies to act as a strong substitute!
  • Look out for the hero and the heroine – she’ll grab you the biggest prizes
  • Classic images from the story are peppered throughout your game play

King Kong

The first thing that leapt to my attention was the design of the scratch game. King Kong actually appears only on three of the reels – the central ones on your scratch cards. He’ll substitute for other symbols so it’s good to see him appear! He is also nicely animated so you’ll see how the scratchcard comes to life when he pops up.

The online pokie also has plenty of free games worth watching out for. If you manage to grab some your scratch card games could get even more exciting. You can also swap any free scratch games you get for a prize that’s a complete mystery. It all adds up to a great scratch cards experience.

I began by testing out a few free scratch card games. It allowed me to check the scratch game features before wagering real cash on it. King Kong scratchies are based on a slots theme so you’ll enjoy the ease of playing the scratch games at all times.

King Kong has the best scratch tickets with the most drama online today

Onlie pokies are varied but they don’t get much better than King Kong. He’s there on the scratchies reels to see how you can enjoy the potential scratch game wins. The scratch card is dramatic in every way and it’s superb to see scratch tickets that are so well designed. The background of New York City appears in the game too, so you’ll be attracted to all the drama that comes with King Kong.

It’s almost as dramatic as the film itself, and it certainly packs in scratchcard excitement and well thought through rules too. I’ve enjoyed it and it is easy to locate on various scratch cards sites. You’ll see you’ve got the best of all worlds when you play it.

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