Scratch cards have changed quite a lot over the last few years. They are now much more exciting than they used to be and Zodiac is certainly a really great scratchcard and shows just how far scratch cards have come. In a sense this scratch game is about more than simply being a scratchcard, it has an element of spinning to win as well, which I think gives it a great edge and makes it very different from other scratchies.


This is a scratch game for anyone who really loves to read their horoscope and see whether luck is going to be with them today. I think it is a great scratch game, with lots of special features such as:

  • The chance to spin as well as scratch
  • Some fabulous jackpots; up to $200,000 on offer
  • Incredibly easy to play with no complicated rules
  • you can bet high or low depending on what suits you
  • There is an auto play feature if you want to keep spinning!

All you have to do to play this scratch card is to click on Play to get your scratch card, then you have 3 chances to win. You click each of the 3 Zodiac star signs, then you click the button that is marked Spin, in order to have the Zodiac spun. You win if your sign matches the Zodiac sign. Simple but extremely good fun. It is simple in terms of scratch games, but great fun.

Scratch Cards For People Who Like Life A Little Different

I love the Zodiac scratch cards because they offer you the chance to have that instant win that you do with any scratch card or scratch games, but on the other hand, they also let you spin. It is almost as if someone has taken all the good things from online pokies and put them into a scratch card so that you get the best of both worlds; scratch games and online pokie combined.

If you are into your scratch cards sites, then you will know that online scratch tickets have become much more sophisticated and advanced, compared with how they used to be. Remember when we only had pokies, not even scratch games? Well Zodiac is certainly about scratch tickets and scratch cards that are very much for grownups to have fun with. I think that’s great, because we all need to have fun, even though we are grown up. This is definitely the kind of scratch card that will make you smile, let you win big and keep you enthralled for ages.

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