Whole Lotta Luck

Scratchies come in all different forms. There are really complicated scratch games, some really simple scratch games and scratch games that are just that little bit different. Well, Whole Lotta Luck scratch cards definitely fall into the very simple scratch cards bracket. But guess what, these are scratch cards that are really great fun. I love them!

Whole Lotta Luck

The four leaf clover is always associated with luck and all you have to do is to match up 3 different symbols to make sure that you win. It is that simple, but the graphics are really good, not too complicated but easy to play. Why don’t you check out the features on this scratch card such as:

  • A bet high or bet low facility
  • A range of jackpots; the more you bet the higher the jackpot
  • Incredibly easy to play; just match 3 symbols to win
  • The 4 leaf clovers make it feel like a ‘lucky card’
  • Really simple graphics that are very clear

I have to say that I think it really is a great scratchcard for anyone, but especially if you are new to the world of online scratch games. It is a way of getting to play scratch cards without having to spend some time learning how to play. For that reason I think it is a great starting scratch card.

Varying Jackpots Offer Great Scratch Card Flexibility

The other thing that I really love about this scratch card is that you can bet a small amount or a large amount. It is a simple rule, but the more you bet the more you could win. I think that this gives you much greater flexibility than online pokies where the games are more complicated and often you don’t have the ability to vary your bets. Although online pokie is fun and I do enjoy pokies, I do prefer these kinds of scratch cards.

So if you are keen to start playing some kind of scratch game, but you are not familiar with scratch tickets and scratch cards sites, then don’t worry these are definitely scratchies to get you started and you can play a scratch game or two, just to get used to how the scratchcard works.

You may feel that you want to continue with this kind of simple scratch game or you may want to move onto more complex scratch tickets, the choice is yours, but with a Whole Lotta Luck you will certainly know how to play scratchies!

Play Whole Lotta Luck Now!

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