Dancing Domino

When I first looked at the Dancing Domino scratch card game, I wasn’t sure that I would know how to play it. Well literally about 2 seconds later, I was playing as if I had played it all my life. The scratch game has some really different takes on the usual online scratch cards, which you are bound to love:

  • You get to play dominoes
  • It is quick to learn
  • Very high prize jackpots
  • Quite a game of skill
  • Really enthralling and clever graphics

Dancing Domino

You can get free scratch cards to play around with Dancing Domino scratch games before you start playing for real. I liked this, because it helped me feel more confident when I started playing properly and I got some great prizes.

It almost feels as if Dancing Domino scratch cards are the new generation of scratchcards. They are constantly evolving and gone are the days when we only had a few games of online pokies to choose from. Now there are scratch cards being developed that are incredibly sophisticated, not just a quick scratchcard and Dancing Domino scratch cards are certainly sophisticated and probably the way that scratch cards will be developed.

Dancing Dominoes; Scratch Card Fun For All Ages

You may never have played dominoes before on a scratch site, or you may only have played dominos as a child. But you don’t need to be ‘in’ to dominoes to really enjoy these online scratch cards. These are really that little bit special, because they offer you the thrill of online scratch cards, with a game that is reliant on a little bit of skill and a little bit of luck.

You get to choose your dominoes and then see which have a higher score than the dealer. There are 8 to choose from and you have one row of dominoes and the dealer has the other row. You scratch off the dominoes that you feel have a higher score than the dealer’s ones. If you are right then you have won. If not, you can try again.

I like this because there is a really strong element of luck, but also you have a sense of pitting yourself against the dealer. That is why it is one of the most interesting forms of scratch card games that I have come across and you get to see the Dancing Domino when you win!

So why not check out how good your domino skills are and bag yourself some great prizes on the way? You also get to have lots of fun and that’s what makes this such a great game

Play Dancing Domino Now!

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