Master Mix

There are times when I have to look for lower priced scratch games – maybe if my budget for playing scratchies is low. But while it’s one of the reasons I head for the Master Mix pokies, it’s not the only one. Here are some more reasons why Master Mix is one of the more unique scratch cards online:

  • The lowest playing price on the scratch cards is just 10p!
  • You can play as many as ten lines on one scratchcard
  • Master Mix tries to match up coloured balls on your lines with ones drawn by the dealer
  • You get better prizes for direct hits rather than matching colours but not in the right places
  • Partially correct lines on the scratchies can win prizes with Master Mix as well

Master Mix

The game might look tricky to start with but the scratch game is actually pretty easy to understand. If you’re a little unsure there are rules to read if you click the help link at the bottom of the scratch tickets.

The first thing to think about is how much you want to buy each line for on the scratchcard. Remember the line price is per line and not per scratch game. So for example with ten lines to play in total, you could pay 10p per scratch card line and pay just £1 for the whole card. It gives you ten chances to win prizes in the scratch games!

When you actually start playing you’ll see four coloured and numbered balls appear at the top of the lines on the scratchies. After that you have to scratch each line you’re playing with – they’ll be outlined from the top down. The online pokie will then reveal to the left how many balls are correct for each line. If you’ve won any prizes you’ll see them on the right of the line on the scratch games.

Onlie pokies are sensational fun when they take the form of Master Mix!

The first go I had on Master Mix, I chose two lines on the scratch tickets and paid just 10p on each one. The first scratchies line won 10p and the second one won 50p, so I more than made back my scratch cards bet! By checking the grid on the right of the scratch cards I was also easily able to figure out how the scratch game paid out.

Scratch sites often have Master Mix in the mix. It’s certainly a good scratch card to try.

Play Master Mix Now!

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