Disco Keno

Now I love my scratch cards. I love scratch cards in all different forms but I also like to ring the changes when it comes to traditional scratch cards and that is why I love this scratch game so much. There are a lot of different features that help this scratch card to stand out from others. You should take a look at some of the features such as:

  • Simply huge jackpot: up to $200,000
  • Chance to bet high or keep bets low
  • Different jackpots on offer
  • Real disco feel to the game
  • Excellent sound track to keep you bopping all night

Disco Keno

I also really like the way that this scratch game features a Turbo button, so if you want to speed things up a bit; no problem, you can really go for it.

You may think that this kind of scratch game is just for people who remember discos, but it isn’t. The music and graphics are so good that it really is great for everyone, so just head on down to one of the scratch sites and load up with some Disco Keno scratch tickets; you will not be disappointed.

Scratchies To Dance With

The key to these scratch cards is that you get a brilliant combination of different kinds of games and although it feels like a lottery, it also feels like online bingo. I really enjoyed it and these kinds of scratch games show how scratchies will be developed in the future. Scratchcard development is obviously serious stuff with a lot of time going in to making these scratch games really good. In fact it is no surprise that scratch games have moved on so much; nearly everyone loves their scratch games.

Disco Keno is quite different from online pokies and I do love my online pokie games, but I also like this scratch card because I feel it is a great combination of games and I appreciate the way that the game has been crafted. So even if you are a devoted pokies player, you will still love this kind of scratch card games. Sometimes it is good to play a scratch card, then pokies and then back to scratch tickets etc.

But the music is the key to this scratchcard game. It is brilliant and somehow it makes you smile and just feel really glad about the world. It kind of lifts your spirits and that’s before you hit the jackpot! A really exciting kind of scratch tickets and I am really glad that I found them.

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