Love Birds

I have to admit that I am not a great romantic, but when I first played the Love Birds scratch cards, I was blown away. They are fantastic, really romantic and not a really cheesy, over the top romantic, but a real fun kind of romance. The scratch game has some fantastic features, so check out:

  • The Love Birds come in all different ages
  • The graphics are really cool
  • There are different types of people portrayed
  • Fantastic jackpot prizes are on offer
  • Really pretty setting

Love Birds

If you are like me and are not the romantic type, then you may think that the Love Birds scratch game is not for you and you are going to go and play some online pokies instead. Well, think again, because this online scratchcard game is definitely worth checking out, because it is about fun.

Nobody ever said that romance shouldn’t be fun, but over the years it started to become almost too serious. Well not any more! This is about having a laugh, the chance to win some serious amounts of money, have a good time and enjoy the romance of seeing a couple matched up together.

Bring On The Romance with Love Birds Scratch Cards

Sometimes online scratch cards sites can have graphics that are fairly standard, but these just ooze fun and it does bring out the romantic streak in you, no matter if you think you have given up on romance.

It’s also really good to see couples of different ages shown, so it doesn’t matter if you are just leaving your teens or you are nearer to 65, you will enjoy playing the Love Birds online scratch cards.

Having different people as well, from different parts of the world is also really good, so that it appeals to everyone, no matter what your background is.

For fun and frolics it is definitely a really brilliant scratch card game and one that you keep coming back to, time after time. If you’re still not convinced, why not just get some free scratchcards and check it out, without having to spend any money at all?

Of all the different scratch cards that are out there and the online pokie games, I think that the Love Birds is really something special. In these days when we are all so cynical, isn’t there just something really special about getting a couple together? And you get a prize if you can match them up; it is a real win, win all the time!

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