The X Factor

Lots of people love The X Factor. It’s a chance for people to seek fame and fortune, but it’s now the subject of famous scratchies too. You’ll see many familiar things on their scratch cards, so if you’re a fan of the TV programme you should explore the scratch game as well. The X Factor game has the following scratch games features to watch out for:

  • Six symbols to try and find in each game
  • Match up three of the same symbol to win the appropriate prize
  • The X Factor has prizes of up to 750 times your bet!
  • Play the scratchies now and see how lucky you could be
  • Match guitars, singers and gold records to try and win

The X Factor

Most people will recognise the scratch cards symbols and how they fit into the game. You’ll see male and female singers and the scratch game also has the YES symbol as the highest paying one for a scratch card. Could you uncover three to win?

I liked the range of scratchies bets that were possible too. Just 0.10 a scratch game is the start point. From there you can wager on your chosen scratch games to a much higher level.

The scratch cards are authentic too because they have a coin to scratch the virtual pokies with. It’s neat and a nice scratchies touch. You’ll see every bit of a scratch card as you remove the layer to reveal the scratch tickets symbols underneath.

You can actually wager as much as 200.00 on your lucky scratch tickets if you like. But remember your scratchies budget and don’t overstretch yourself. Consider the scratch games bet and think about how many scratch cards you’d like to play first.

The X Factor is a strong and dynamic online pokie game for fans and newbies alike

It doesn’t matter whether you love The X Factor or not. The scratch card is a good game and packs in a simple premise that people will enjoy. My scratchcard was a winner on occasion, and it is good enough for a quick go from time to time as well.

Onlie pokies are entertaining in lots of alternative ways, but the game here bases its success on the success of the television series. The X Factor can now be found on scratch card sites as well as on the television! For my money I am glad it has successfully made the transition, as many people will get even more out of it than they would otherwise. Enjoy it today and see whether it’s for you.

Play The X Factor Now!

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