World Champion

There’s nothing better than trying out some sporting scratch cards whenever you’re in the mood for some pokies play. My top scratch game is the World Champion scratch cards game, and it’s on lots of scratch cards sites too. Check out what you’ll have to look forward to on the World Champion scratch games:

  • Play from just 50p up to £20 per game depending on your scratch card budget
  • Different footballers play for different countries – find three of the same type on a scratch card line to win!
  • The scratch games benefit from Golden Cups – they can act as other symbols and increase the value of the World Champion prize too!
  • Scratch the panels off on the scratch cards – or just click the ‘scratch all’ button
  • Six figure sums to win if you’re lucky enough!

World Champion

The scratch game is based on noughts and crosses, but it’s got some twists as well. As you reveal the nine squares on the online pokie card, you’ll need to look for three identical symbols in a row on the scratchies. But the scratch cards also have Golden Cups on them. They come in lots of different types. If they’re plain they’ll act like a joker and substitute for other symbols on the scratch tickets. But you’ve also got a chance to increase any prize you win on your scratch card.

Watch out for x2 or something similar when you’re playing the scratchies. It means you’ll double your prize (or multiply it by whatever number is on the cup). Onlie pokies are great when they’re giving you extra chances to win, as with World Champion!

World Champion is a great scratch game with lots of potential for good prizes

The World Champion scratchies game is good to look at, with lots of fresh and bright colours. You’ve also got the fact that it’s easy to understand, as all good scratch games are. There are no complicated rules to figure out so you’ll just be able to play the scratchcard quite easily.

I’ve won a few prizes playing World Champion and I’ve managed to double up with a Golden Cup too. It adds to the scratchcard excitement, that’s for sure!

If you’re never played World Champion before I think you’ll love it even if you’re not a fan of football. It uses football as a theme but it’s got plenty to entertain you with whatever you love doing. It’s one of the best scratch games around and there’s a lot to play for with six figure prizes on offer!

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