What kind of scratch card really appeals to you? If it’s something complex that takes a while to get used to, you’ll love the scratchies concept enjoyed by Cubis. You’ve probably never seen another scratchcard quite like it. Here are some of the things I figured out about the Cubis version of scratch games:

  • There are fifteen lines crisscrossing the grid that makes up the Cubis game
  • Small bets of as little as 0.10 can be placed, going up to the largest one of 50.0
  • 30,000 Euros is the top prize you can grab by getting lucky on Cubis!
  • It’s a refreshing change to normal scratch cards and you’ll soon see how it works
  • Watch as the coloured cubes drop into place and create winning combinations


Some scratch games don’t require you to read the rules. But you might understand Cubis better if you do check the scratch cards rules out first. You can also try the scratch card play for free just to see what happens. Once you’ve decided on the bet per line on the pokies and the amount of lines to try out, you’ll press play and watch the screen. It’ll fill with coloured cubes of all kinds and colours. Just watch as the scratchcard does everything for you. Sometimes you’ll get multiplied cubes on the scratch games – they’ll say 5x or something similar. They multiply any prize combination they’re part of. They’re basically the equivalent of a wild symbol on other scratch game examples. But it’s no ordinary scratch game – Cubis is more involved than that!

Win several times in a row and grab scratchies prizes more easily than ever with Cubis

If you’re bored with regular scratch tickets perhaps Cubis will be the ideal online pokie antidote! Read the scratch game paytable and you’ll get the idea behind the scratch cards. Watch out for special scratchies blocks that blow up others in the grid too. The scratch card blocks can also be in different colours to mean different prizes. The onlie pokies might sound complex but play the scratchies for a while and you’ll see how they work.

When you get winning combinations you’ll be shown them on the right of the screen. The scratch games then get rid of the blocks and replace them with new ones, so you could win again depending on what appears. It’s no wonder the scratch sites love the game as it provides something totally different for people to try out. I’ve definitely enjoyed trying it!

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