Money Machine

Money Machine is a scratch game that is great fun. All you have to do is to scratch off the cogs that you see on the scratch cards and if you can match up 3 on one scratchcard then you are a lucky winner. I think it is a great scratch game and one that has a traditional feel to it and is really easy to play. Why not have a look at it? It has lots of exciting features that make it really special such as:

  • Very simple to learn how to play it
  • Great chances of prizes and variable jackpots
  • Some really inexpensive cards
  • You can switch between cards really easily
  • Real traditional game with some excellent graphics

Money Machine

I really love that sense of this being traditional scratchies. Sometimes it can feel as if there are lots of new scratchies around that are quite different and a cross between online pokies and scratch games. However, these new types of scratch cards often do not have that traditional sense of being a scratchcard and I like my scratch cards to at least feel traditional.

Money Machine: Scratch Cards To Suite Every Taste

One thing that I love about Money Machine is that these are scratch cards that appeal to everyone. It makes a lovely change that these scratch tickets are unisex scratch games. They really do appeal to both men and women. Sometimes it can feel as if scratch games are designed only for a section of people, but Money Machine is suitable for everyone.

Because this is a scratch card that is designed for men and women I like to play this scratch card with my husband. We sit down at the laptop and take it in turns to choose which of the cogs to scratch. Usually if he feels that the scratch game is too girlie, he will not have anything to do with it. But he really likes scratch games such as Money Machine.

I also love the way that this is a really quick game. It is a bit like a game of online pokie, so if you love your pokies, then you will have a really great time with Money Machine. It’s great to see traditional scratch tickets still around. Sometimes it is nice to have scratch tickets that are traditional, really cheap to buy and just let you have fun. This is an ace scratch game , so get yourself some traditional Money Machine scratch tickets from one of the scratch card sites and have a great time!

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