Banana Rama

Are you up for a superbly funny and enlightening online pokie game? If you are you’ll definitely love Banana Rama. Scratch games like Banana Rama are really good for beginners and for expert pokies players as well. It’s a scratch game that’ll have plenty of monkeying around! You can check out the following features on the Banana Rama scratch cards:

  • Banana Rama offers a huge £500,000 top payout!
  • The scratch cards are themed in the jungle, with monkeys, apes and plenty of numbers to find as well
  • Match three identical numbers to win that amount of credits!
  • There’s scratch card fun all the way as you try to find three question mark symbols to unlock bigger prizes
  • Great cartoon theme – just keep selecting circles until you get three symbols that are identical

Banana Rama

I’ve loved the game for a few different reasons. I tend to enjoy scratch games that have cartoon images because they’re bright and enjoyable. Scratchcard excitement is good with them because it’s easy to spot a win! But the simple and effective nature of Banana Rama scratchies had me hooked right from the first time I saw the scratch game. The scratch tickets are easy to understand even without checking the rules. All you’ve got to do is click play to start the onlie pokies. All the circles on the scratchcard turn yellow, with bananas on them. Keep clicking the circles on the scratch cards until three of the revealed symbols match.

If you’re lucky to get monkeys or apes you’ll be able to proceed up the scale on the left of the scratch card. Otherwise you’ll get the number of credits revealed by the symbols on the scratch game. The scratch games practically tell you what to do, so it’s easy!

Banana Rama scratchies will get you hooked pretty easily!

It’s incredible how one good scratch card can hook you totally on playing scratch tickets. The game has thirty circles and you just keep on revealing them until you’ve got a winner. Not all scratch games are like these! There’s more involvement and scratchies fun here and that’s what brings me back for more time and again, whatever else I enjoy playing.

You’ll be able to play Banana Rama on a few different scratch sites online too. If you’ve got a favourite site already why not see if they have it there? Otherwise join one that has it so you’ll be able to play as soon as possible. Scratch cards like Banana Rama are superb and exciting to keep on playing if your budget allows for it as well!

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