Gee Gees

Sometimes it’s possible to find a scratchies game that’s unlike any you’ve really tried out before. Gee Gees was a surprise when I tried the scratch card for the first time. It was different and more involving than some other scratch cards I’ve come across. Here’s some of the features that the Gee Gees scratch tickets have in store:

  • It has three reels for the slots version of the scratch games
  • Only one payline makes it easy for all scratchies budgets to play!
  • Gee Gees has a bonus game to try as well
  • Nudge and hold make it like a real slots version of a scratchcard
  • Bet from as little as 0.10 Aussie dollars to start!

Gee Gees

As you might tell, our scratch game is a bit different from the norm. It looks like a slots machine you’d find in a venue rather than any scratch cards. It can take a while to get familiar with the real scratch game play here because it’s different from anything you’ll have tried in pokies. It’s good to get familiar with it though because the features make the scratch card games well worth playing.

It took me a while to get used to the fact I could nudge the onlie pokies reels when prompted. On the scratch game screen you’ll see a help button. It’ll open up another page to show you the rules of the scratch tickets and how to play them. All the scratchies features are listed so you’ll understand them all. Gee Gees isn’t hard to play but it’s a scratch card you’ll benefit from testing out for free in a scratch games practice mode before you try it for yourself.

Gee Gees is different but entertaining as one of your chosen scratch cards

It’s more involving than some scratchies you could play, so if you’re looking for a longer game then Gee Gees could be a good scratch card to do. Online pokie never gets dull but it’s nice to have some more exciting games to play whenever you’re in the mood for them!

You’ll know that Gee Gees is colourful and very inviting as well. In fact it might remind you of using traditional fruit machines if you ever have. Look for it on scratch cards sites and try and add it to your scratchcard repertoire as well. It’s a nice one to try for something different if you want to play anything very different from the usual raft of games you might have found. I’ve enjoyed it and I think you will too!

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