7 Heaven

We all know that there is something really special about scratch cards, don’t we? And we all know that there is something really special about the number 7, don’t we? Well the scratch card game 7 Heaven brings both these two special things together in a wonderful scratch card game that is a sheer delight to play. The game has some really great aspects, so have a look at:

  • The wide choice of lines that you get
  • Clear graphics
  • The simplicity of the game
  • Different card prices
  • Simply excellent prizes

7 Heaven

The aim of the game is to have a 777 in the number area and then you win the amount of money that is displayed in the prize area and you have won. You will love the simplicity of it, but there is something magical about scratch cards that feature 7. It has long been associated with special powers and a link to powers that are ‘other worldly’ so this makes it one of the best online scratch card games around.

7 Heaven Scratch Cards Offer A Fabulous Choice

One really great feature of 7 Heaven scratch cards is that although you have 7 lines in front of you, you don’t have to play them all. You can play one, maybe two or even all 7. I like the idea of choosing 7 lines to find the elusive number 777, it seems kind of magical somehow.

Now maybe you haven’t visited any scratch card sites before or you are new to the world of online scratch cards, maybe you are just looking for a change from online pokies. Well if that is the case, then please don’t worry. You can get free scratchcards and you play for free until you get the hang of the game. Then you can buy cards at different prices, so that you get to choose just how much you spend. Then you can choose how many lines you play.

With the 7 Heaven scratch cards, you can choose to have the scratch off done automatically, or you can click on the ‘Scratch All’ button for the numbers to be revealed at once. Some people like to scratch off the numbers individually, but those who are impatient usually cannot wait and they like their scratch cards to be instantaneous. The choice is up to you.

But for a little bit of ancient mystique, combined with modern day scratch cards, you will find this is one of the very best online scratch card games around.

Play 7 Heaven Now!

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