Lotto Madness

Most people play the lottery at one point or another. Scratch tickets are available from the lottery too, but have you heard of a scratchies idea played out on a slots game online with the pokies? It’s how the Lotto Madness online pokie works! Check out these amazing features for the Lotto Madness today, one of the best scratch games around:

  • Play the colourful and brilliant Lotto Madness game with an eye catching and workable theme
  • Watch for the lottery balls to line up in your favour!
  • The wild card ticket acts as just that on the scratchies
  • The dollar symbol is a scatter and can lead to much bigger prizes!
  • Just two of some symbols is enough to bag a win!

Lotto Madness

The first thing that caught my eye when I tried the scratch game called Lotto Madness was the sharpness of the scratch cards design. It’s clear and well realised too, and it makes the scratch cards delightful to play. You’ll easily see when a scratch game is a winner as well.

The pay table is also well thought through and you’ll benefit from having more scratch tickets like it. Just check the scratchies pay table before you play and you’ll see whether you are on track to win something!

My scratch card luck started early as I won a few prizes quite early on in my scratch cards games play. But I am still persevering for the scratch cards top prize. Who knows I might be lucky?

The game screen for the scratch game is good too. Watch the buttons and understand how they work. Make sure you use the ‘bet’ and ‘lines’ button to adjust your scratchies bet and the amount of scratch card lines you’ll play each time.

Lotto Madness isn’t madness to play – it’s a great scratch card for us all

I’m pleased I found the scratch games as they’re good and have a nice spin on the lottery theme. They use a slots idea to play the scratch cards with, and it works well. It’s not just the onlie pokies lottery balls that could win you prizes either – other symbols are in play such as the champagne and glasses. Could you be cracking the bottle open as well?

Scratch sites like offering a scratchcard like that one as they’re nice for players to get started with. You’ll enjoy every moment you spend when you pick a game like Lotto Madness to get your teeth into. It’s the best game I’ve played that’s clear and easy to see as well. Why not give yours a go now?

Play Lotto Madness Now!

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