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When you see a scratch games site offering every third scratch card as a winning online pokie, you know you’re looking at a great site. I’ve found Scratch Mania to be a brilliant site to visit, with countless scratchies that’ll appeal to your game play senses. If you’ve never visited Scratch Mania before, here are some of the joys to expect from the scratch card options there:

  • Get some free Aussie dollars to start playing your best scratch cards!
  • Select your favourite scratchcard games to play
  • Slots, sports, fun and casino style scratch tickets are all worth a try!
  • Scratch Mania has a 95% payout schedule
  • Watch the home page for a look at some of the best games Preview

Scratch Mania

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You’ll see by now that Scratch Mania packs a lot into its scratch games site. There are games for everyone here and whatever ones you prefer to play you’ll find some tempting scratchies to try.

It’s easy and quick to set up a scratch cards account with Scratch Mania too. Just a few seconds is all you’ll need before playing scratch games becomes a possibility! You get 100 free points to play with as virtual cash to begin with, just for fun. It enables you to try out a scratch game or two before you start to play pokies with real money.

One of the big scratchies benefits is that you’ll claim $7 to play free with when you do move from free scratch cards to paid onlie pokies. It means you can get a chance to win some scratchcard prizes quite soon without loading money into your account.

Scratch Mania is the ideal scratchies website for all kinds of excited players

I was impressed by the number of scratch cards appearing in the website. Dozens Roulette, Pearl Shells and Safe Cracker are just three of the great scratch game options you’ve got. Not all games are scratch game style – some have other scratch card ideas instead. But they’re all great to try out and you’re bound to find some amazing favourites just as I did.

The best way to begin is to try some of your practice coins to select some games. Have a go at as many as you can and you’ll find some that you love to try again and again. Scratch cards sites like Scratch Mania really open your eyes to all the joys of playing the games online! Give it a go and see.

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