Caddy Scratch

I’ve come across the odd scratch card before that’s had a golfing theme. Caddy Scratch is the latest scratch game I’ve discovered to put in that category, and it’s a pretty good scratchcard as well. With a different style of play, you’ll find it might make a change from scratchies you’ve tried before. Caddy Scratch packs in a lot of great scratch games ideas too, as you’ll see below:

  • Caddy Scratch online pokie has plenty of golfing symbols to find
  • A grid reveals how many of each you have found
  • Find three of the same symbol and you get the prize stated
  • Prizes are a multiple value of the bet you placed
  • The scratch games are simple to play so they’re good for everyone!

Caddy Scratch

As you can tell, Caddy Scratch works slightly differently in that you have a scratch games grid to fill up. It permits you to see how you are doing in finding symbols while playing the scratch cards. There are two ways to play as well but they both start with selecting a scratchies price to go with. Use the up and down buttons next to the stake part of the scratch game to settle on the scratchies price you want.

Next, click on a new card to get a brand new scratch card. If you hover the mouse over the scratchies you’ll see a virtual coin to use on the scratch tickets. Your pokies are realistic, as you can tell! Alternatively just click the onlie pokies button that says ‘reveal all’.

As you scratch the scratch game the symbols are revealed and they fill the grid opposite. It’s on the right side of your scratch cards. If you manage to find three the same, you’ll win the multiple scratchies prize noted there.

Caddy Scratch has a golfing take on a good scratch games format

You’ll see how good it is to play scratch cards with a golfing theme. They’re got golf shoes, golfers, golfing gloves and much more besides. The flag is the best one to find as it gives you two hundred and fifty times your bet on the card!

Any scratchcard has to have the ability to grab your attention and encourage you to play, and I’ve found that Caddy Scratch does it very well. It’s a nice game and it gives you plenty of card prices too. Scratch sites fare well with me when they offer such good games, and I’ve frequently gone back to play it more and more as well. Try it to see how your golfing symbols line up for a prize!

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