Scratch Ball

I’m not a lover of football, but Scratch Ball has changed my mind in terms of scratch cards. You’ll find scratch games based on sports are among the best online today, and there are plenty of other scratchies you could play instead! Let’s see how Scratch Ball works as a good solid scratch game:

  • Scratch card fun starts with choosing a good price for your game
  • Scratch Ball asks you to find three identical images based on football
  • Will your scratchcard pay back as much as fifty times your bet?
  • The bigger the bet, the more you could potentially get back if you win
  • Football boots, whistles, trophies and football players are all there!

Scratch Ball

The scratch game has two halves, much like the real game! You’ll find a grid on the right that shows you how you’re doing finding the scratch game symbols. As you reveal each part of the scratch cards foil, the symbols you find will fill the grid. Get three of the same scratchies images and you’ll win a multiple prize. The scratch games work on multiples – you could win your bet back as a x1 prize, or win a bigger prize on scratchies with x2 all the way to x50.

The game is simply designed but it doesn’t detract from the ability to play the scratch card. It’s a good one and Scratch Ball will appeal to all scratch card games players for sure.

Your scratch card can take time to play as well, because it will be done in a couple of methods. You could reveal everything at once to see if your scratchies are winners. Or you could use the virtual coin to reveal a panel at a time for longer scratch cards fun!

Scratch Ball makes the most of a football idea on a scratchcard

There is no doubt football fans will enjoy Scratch Ball pokies. Scratch tickets can be very different from each other but onlie pokies always need a strong theme. Scratch Ball scratch tickets have that theme.

I’ve managed to get some reasonable returns on the game as well, bringing in smaller prizes on the whole but also the odd win of x5 my bet. Scratch card sites know that by offering different games like Scratch Ball, they can bring in more online pokie players. The Scratch Ball offering shows how true it is that people like a nice mix of games. Sporting games are also always very popular to play, and I enjoy them even if the specific sport is not a favourite in real life! I would recommend Scratch Ball to anyone if they’ve never had a go before.

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