When I tell people about the scratchies, 3WOW, they often don’t believe that a scratch game can actually make you a millionaire. But it is true, the scratch card 3WOW can make you a millionaire. Mmm I love that prospect, I really do.


When you play 3WOW you get to choose which of the scratch tickets that you play with. Then you find out if you have picked out one of the lucky scratch tickets, by scratching off and seeing if you have won. It is fantastic fun, in fact why don’t you check it out, because this scratch game has some ace features like:

  • You choose the card that you play with
  • You can bet high or bet low
  • There are variable jackpots, up to £1million
  • Really simple to learn how to play
  • Fabulous autoplay to help you if you are too excited to wait!

Offering $ 1 million on scratch cards to me shows how far scratch cards have developed. This is not about having a little flutter for a couple of dollars; this is about scratch cards to give you a real sense of winning big and I love that feeling.

3Wow Is One Of The Easiest Scratch Games Around

I have to confess that sometimes I struggle with online scratch cards. The rules seem complicated and not at all easy to understand. But I felt that with 3WOW it was one of the easiest scratch games that I have played. You literally only have to scratch symbols and then see if you have one of the winning scratch tickets. It really is that simple and that is what I love in a scratch game, because I want to have fun not spend all day figuring out how to play it!

In particular I like the way that this scratch card offers you the chance to pick which scratchcard you play with. You can hover and pick which scratchcard is likely to win for you! Then you pick it and see if it is one of the scratch card tickets that will make you a millionaire. Now that I love!

If you are new to the world of scratch games, then just pick yourself up a free scratch card or two at one of the scratch cards sites and play for free. I did that when I first started, because I was an online pokies person, loved my pokies and could barely tear myself away from my online pokie! Now I am really into all kinds of scratch games and love any kind of scratch game that is easy to play like 3WOW.

Play 3WOW Now!

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