Poker King

Scratchies really are the real deal when it comes to playing scratch games or any online games, such as online pokies. But you have to agree, there is something special about poker. So imagine having the joy of scratch cards with the mystique of poker. It really does give you the best of both worlds and makes this the best of scratch games around. So get yourself some scratch cards today.

Poker King

One of the fantastic things about Poker King is that you don’t need to be able to play poker to pick up the scratchcard. I really like that because although everyone knows how to play a scratch game some people don’t know about poker. So why not check out the scratchcard today and see all the features that these scratch tickets have, such as:

  • No knowledge of poker required to play
  • You get to choose three from 5 cards to play
  • You can choose to bet high or low dependent on how lucky you feel
  • Fabulous jackpots on offer, depending on how much you bet?
  • Real ambience of a casino with the dealer handling all bets!

These features really help transport this scratch card into one that is one of the best scratch tickets that you will ever find. It is one of the cleverest scratch card games around and boy, do I know my scratch games!

Poker King Scratchies: A Casino In Your Home

The general ambience of this scratch game really is of a casino. It feels like a casino and the dealer is really realistic. But you are at home and not in a casino. This makes it such a good scratch card. If you have kids then going out for the night is a nightmare, organising babysitters and so on. So it is great to pretend that you’re going out for the evening when you can just sit at home with a glass of wine and a great scratch game like Poker King.

I always think of my scratch games as being ‘Me’ time. The time when I don’t have to do anything for anyone else. Some people unwind with online pokie games, but I find pokies less relaxing than scratch games. With pokies you spin then it is over, whereas with scratch cards like Poker King, you can choose which cards you reveal and you make the moment last, when you toy with the scratch card until you decide which to scratch off! That’s why scratch cards sites are the best in my book and you can’t beat scratch cards like Poker King.

Play Poker King Now!

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