Formula Won

Does racing make you get excited and long for a taste of the real thing? If racing is one of your loves you’ll definitely want to get involved with scratchies called Formula Won. The play on words in the scratch games title tells you a lot about how it appeals to everyone – whether you love racing or playing exciting scratch cards instead! Formula Won is easy to play and has the scratch cards features named below

  • Scratch tickets prices available to suit all pockets!
  • Focus on the three by three grid to find three symbols among nine that match
  • Formula Won could live up to its name if it pays you a prize!
  • Trophies, champagne, chequered flags and race tracks are all featured
  • Bright and colourful screen tells you when you win and when you lose

Formula Won

I love how the scratch game works as it makes excellent use of the colours. Any scratchcard must grab your attention and Formula Won does from the title onwards. Scratchies are basic in terms of the way they work, and you’ll see the Formula Won scratchcard idea is used in many ways with lots of scratch game themes. But it doesn’t make it any less exciting here!

When I first played Formula Won I instantly liked the look of each of the scratch cards games. They were well designed and among the clearest scratchies I’d seen. Bright colours on the racing car on the left of a scratch card made it easy to get into the mood. The bottom section of the screen enables you to select a scratch card price to play with. Once you’re happy with it you can play scratch cards at the price all the way along.

Then it’s a question of revealing your scratch cards symbols behind each of the scratchies wheels. You can do it one scratch card square at a time or all at once with the pokies ‘reveal all’ button.

Formula Won is simple, effective and highly entertaining for an online pokie game

Scratchies are good when they have a theme you like. Formula Won uses a racing theme on scratch games to reel you in. It works well and it’s best to play onlie pokies you enjoy at all times anyway.

The scratchies have won 5.00 and up for me on occasion too, as well as smaller prizes. I’m glad I found them on scratch cards sites and gave them a go. I would be missing out if I hadn’t, that’s for sure! You might feel the same.

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