Crazy Ball

Scratch cards are really great fun, but I would actually say that the Crazy Ball scratch cards are the best fun ever: they really rock within the world of scratch cards, but if you love your scratchies, then you are gonna love this scratch game! With Crazy Balls you have three lanes of play: each lane gives you the chance to win, so in effect you have 3 chances to win; how cool is that. If you can, check it out, because this scratch game has some excellent features, such as:

  • 3 chances to win with each card that you purchase
  • Great scratch off features for traditionalists
  • Chance to beat the reigning Champion
  • Graphics and sound are really clear and bright
  • Huge jackpot offered at $200,000!

Crazy Ball

These 5 features combine to offer a scratch card that is just that little bit different. In particular I like scratch games that are not just the same as the scratch games you find on scratch cards sites. Instead I like to try different scratch tickets, so that I am not just stuck in a rut!

Scratch Cards To Share

One of the best things about Crazy Ball scratchies is that you can play with a friend. You each take turns and see who can beat the reigning Champion after 5 scratch games. I have to say it is usually me, but see how your luck is!

If you can’t wait for the scratch tickets to be scratched off, then why not just press the Scratch All facility and then you will soon see if you have won?

I used to be really into my online pokie games and for me, nothing but online pokies would do. But now I have to confess I have abandoned my pokies and I am definitely a girl who loves her Crazy Ball scratchcard. In fact I think that this is one of the best scratch games around and I love the way that the scratchcard is so clear, bright and easy to play; it really is the tops!

I don’t think that you are going to find a scratch card to beat this one and with 3 chances of winning this is a scratch game that is exceptionally generous. So for great scratch games and enormous fun, just check out scratch cards sites and find yourself some Crazy Ball scratch games. It is a real fun scratch card so don’t delay; you really should check it out today!

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