Golden Island

The scratch card game Golden Island is simply the most amazing scratch game. I think it is truly fabulous. I know that online scratch games have come on a long way since all we had was online pokies, but there are so many scratch games out there now that I used to think it was hard to choose the best. Then I discovered Golden Island with its fabulous scratch tickets. It really does bring class to the world of the scratch card.

Golden Island

This really sumptuous. It is about digging for treasure in the chests that are on the scratch card, so amidst the golden sunsets and the birds of paradise, you get to see if you have unearthed gold in your treasure chest. Why not check out the really special features of this scratch game:

  • It has a stunning jackpot of up to $200,000
  • You can bid either high or low, depending on your mood
  • You can buy some really inexpensive cards to start you off
  • The graphics and sounds are incredibly sophisticated
  • There are no complicated rules; you have three chests and need gold in one to win!

That is why I absolutely love this scratchcard; it is about scratch games at their very best. OK some people may prefer to play their online pokie games or they may even want to play any kind of pokies, but for me, I want a little bit more sophistication; I want my scratch games to be about fantasy, about luxury; gold and buried treasure and so on. That is why I play scratchies and when you see the scratch tickets at Golden Island, you will see that this is real luxury.

Scratch Cards For Dreams To Come True

Let’s be honest, scratch cards are about dreams aren’t they? We all need to have dreams and everyone has them; even the rich and famous. So that is why scratch cards like Golden Island are such tremendous fun. They help us leave behind the day to day and escape to a place where there are possibilities to discover gold and riches.

I love that element of scratch cards and after all if you don’t buy a scratchcard, then you will never know if you have won! So get yourself down to scratch cards sites, check out Golden Island, then just dream the dream and unlock yourself some treasure with a luxury scratch game. Now how cool is that?

Golden Island really is about grown up scratchies for people who enjoy a dream and a great scratch card.

Play Golden Island Now!

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