The Big Match

With a name like The Big Match it’s obvious what the scratchies are all about here! The scratch game is really good to try even if you’re not particularly hot on football. It’s a super scratchcard with lots of game play to try out. The Big Match scratch games pack in the following superb features for you:

  • Just 0.10 gets you into a scratchies game
  • Wager up to a maximum of 10.00 on The Big Match
  • 5,000 could be yours with a lucky maximum bet on the scratchies!
  • Start a new game and watch as your mouse cursor turns into a football boot!
  • No win sends on the ref in your scratch tickets – a win means you get to see the scratch cards trophy!

The Big Match

The game is a simple three by three scratch game grid. It means you can see how the game works quite easily. All you have to watch for is three symbols that match on your onlie pokies. It’ll bring you a winning scratch card that’s worth having.

Each symbol you reveal has its own value. Whatever you get, you have to have three of them. Three matching ones mean that whatever amount is indicated underneath them on your scratchies is yours to win. You’ll know when you do because the gold trophy for scratch games prizes in The Big Match will appear. It’s easy and fun too!

Pokies are delightful when they are easy to play and have no complications. The Big Match is a good design and it works for scratch card fun at all times. Watch for the scratchcard winnings and check your budget too if you’re playing higher priced scratchies. They can be played at several amounts and I usually play the cheaper scratch games through preference.

The Big Match wraps up a nice scratch cards attempt at matching symbols

It’s nice to find an easy scratch game that’s still got appeal. I loved the scratch card for that reason alone, not to mention the scratch tickets prizes it had to show me!

I’ve played many a sporting themed game over time, and it’s a clear cut contender for the top of the bunch. An online pokie game focused on sport can be hard to carry off, but it works here. The nice touch of the football boot as your cursor makes it even more appealing, and you can reveal everything on your own or just press the button the scratch sites give you. Try and put away a winning combination today!

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