Happy Birthday

The titles of some scratch games are never to be forgotten. Happy Birthday is one of these games! It’s delightful and entertaining and as the scratch game goes, it’s a good one to play any time of the year. If you’re never tried out Happy Birthday before on the pokies, here’s what will be in store:

  • Choose from a low 50c card right up to a $10 card
  • The potential big prize varies according to your scratchies wager
  • Will you find a clown and get a bigger prize too?
  • Happy Birthday requires three identical symbols in a line to win a prize
  • The scratch cards are cheap to play for those on a tight budget!

Happy Birthday

One key feature of the scratch games is the clown. Much as a joker can be any other card in playing cards, the clown is good to see in the scratchies. If you get two matching symbols in a row it’s not enough to win. Not unless you also have a clown that is. Your scratch card will then win, but the amount your scratch game will win depends on the clown you get.

If he has x2, x5 or x10 next to him, you’ll win the multiplied amount for your scratch cards. Check out the amount in the gift tag on top of the scratch card gift. If it says $10 for instance and your scratch card has revealed a x5 clown, you’ll win $50. So your scratchies could be luckier than you think!

I loved the scratch games as they’re easy to understand and play. The online pokie colours are also amazing, giving the scratchies an appealing look and feel. It’s simple colouring but it works well on your scratch cards. The scratchcard could be a bigger winner for you if you wager more on it, but it’s a good scratch tickets option for any size budget anyway.

Happy Birthday could bring happy times no matter when you try the scratch games

It’s true – I’ve loved playing it. Any scratchcard favourite will be enjoyable but it’s a simple and comfortable scratch game to play. Onlie pokies have remarkable differences but they’re always known for having different and involving game play.

I’ve picked it because it’s a charming game and it’s easy to find on numerous scratch card sites. You’ll have no trouble playing it or finding it, so check it out now and see if you love it. I’ve made it a pact to go back and play it again whenever I want a game that’s excellent and fun.

Play Happy Birthday Now!

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