Oasis Dreams

Do you think you’d struggle to play the scratchies with a small budget? You won’t if you try out Oasis Dreams. It’s a dream of a scratch game when you see how cheap it can be to play! Check out the amazing features of the Oasis Dreams game now on the scratch games:

  • Scratchies at the low, low price of just 10p per spin!
  • Oasis Dreams has a desert theme and plenty to focus on
  • Minimum win will be double your bet if you find a treasure map!
  • Plenty of desert themed symbols and a bonus game to find too
  • Gorgeous screen view has sand and an oasis too

Oasis Dreams

The bonus round is particularly good on the scratch game. I got into it by finding three treasure chests marked ‘bonus’. You’ll see the screen peel back on the scratch tickets and you’ll be faced with three wells. You need to select one to bring up the bucket with your assured scratchies prize in it! There’ll be something for sure: you just never know what it could be.

A scratchcard like Oasis Dreams is perfect for all scratch card players. You’ll have scratch tickets available at higher prices as well as the low start of 10p. You’ll notice that scratch cards can also be doubled or tripled up to enable you to grab bigger prizes when you win. For example I tripled my 10p scratch games bet into 30p and got six times my bet amount for a single treasure map! It’s worth considering when you’re looking at the scratch cards for the first time. Alternatively it might be safer to play the small scratchies bet while you get used to playing the Oasis Dreams online pokie.

Your dreams could become reality if you win scratch card amounts on Oasis Dreams

It’s incredible to think scratch games can be as good as Oasis Dreams. It deliberately makes itself affordable for all scratch game players. Just picture yourself putting down a 10p bet and then getting lucky enough with scratchies to grab a thousand times that amount as a top prize?

It’s just one reason why I’ve enjoyed the pokies game and tried scratch cards of its type several times. Oasis Dreams is accessible as an onlie pokies example, and it’s good to keep going back and trying again and again too! You’ll see the scratchcard pops up on all kinds of scratch cards sites as well, so it’s not difficult to find. Once you do see it, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Play Oasis Dreams Now!

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