Royal Slots

Scratchies are great fun, but sometimes it is simply great to get scratch cards that are just that little bit different and that is why I love Royal Slots;they offer both games at once. So Royal Slots are not an online pokie game, but nor are they a scratch card; they are a cross between pokies and scratch cards, which is fabulous and offers a change from standard scratch games.

Royal Slots

To play this combination of scratch cards and online pokies could not be easier all you have to do is to get some scratch cards from one of the scratch cards sites, then you log into Royal Slots and you choose which of the three jackpots you can play. Why not check out some of the features on this site such as:

  • A fabulous jackpot of $100,000 is available
  • The choice of betting high and low with variable jackpots too!
  • A choice of playing 1, 2 or 3 slot machines
  • The game is really easy to play and you can play for free
  • Great auto play feature so you don’t have to keep clicking

I think that these features make this a really great scratch game and one that does offer something that is that little bit different. It is about choosing scratchies that offer you something that is just that little bit extra; so you get more for the price of your scratch tickets.

Scratch Games Can Be Shared Games

Scratch card games such as Royal Slots are simply great to play with a friend. You load up the computer, then you both sit down and play online scratch games and Royal Slots fits into this very well. I think being sociable with scratch games is important; after all it gives you more enjoyment from the scratchcard, without you having to go out.

I like the way that this scratch game offers you the chance to play either one machine or up to 3 at once. This gives you the chance to choose a lucky machine each and then perhaps share one! So you don’t have scratch tickets each, but what you do have is a machine each.

Try playing this scratch game with a friend and see if you get almost double the fun. I am almost certain that you will. It makes the scratch game last that bit longer and gives you more fun from all scratchcard games.

So for a different kind of scratch card, why not check out Royal Slots? It is that bit different and I really like that in a scratch card!

Play Royal Slots Now!

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