Deuces Wild

I don’t typically play poker but sometimes I’ll come across a scratch game that really makes it worth a try. Deuces Wild is a great scratch card that really brings out the best in the poker scratchies. Deuces Wild has these great features on every single scratchcard:

  • Bet from one to five times on each game to improve your potential prize amounts
  • Deuces Wild has bets ranging from a cent to five Aussie dollars!
  • Deal the cards and hold any that look good
  • Deal the other cards again to try for a winning scratchies poker hand
  • Try to double your winnings by following the scratch cards rules!

Deuces Wild

You’ll soon get used to how the scratch games are played, and in that sense Deuces Wild is just like any other scratchcard you try. Find out whether you’ll enjoy scratch games that are based on poker by trying it as a free game. You’ll play the scratch game as if it was a real one, but for play money.

The first step is to select your bet. All scratch games featuring poker go that way, so you’ll see how it progresses. Once you’re settled with your scratchies bet you’ll be able to deal the cards. You’ll get five cards on your scratch game and you then need to look to see which cards you want to hold.

The array of poker hands are at the top of your scratch cards so check them carefully. You could be halfway to a good scratchies poker hand already! Hold the cards you want to, and then deal again for the remainder. It’s the best way to go for a good pokies hand.

Deuces Wild is a superb poker style online pokie game

As you play the onlie pokies more, you’ll get the hang of how they work. The hands will become more familiar as the free play moves on. I started playing for real cash after a while on my scratch cards and it’s a good way to build a bit of confidence before you go into your real budget.

A scratch card can be quite basic but the poker based Deuces Wild is a good bet for an entertaining scratch card. Scratch tickets are exciting when you’ve got so many poker hand to try for! Any good cards will automatically be held on your scratch tickets too, so check for Deuces Wild on the scratch sites and play it today.

Play Deuces Wild Now!

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