Bubble Bingo

Everyone knows and loves the idea of bingo. But have you ever tried a scratch tickets version before? If you’re new to it then try out Bubble Bingo on the scratch cards now. You’ll love it and be glad you tried the scratchies to bag some wins on your first attempt – hopefully! Let’s see how the scratch cards version of it works in Bubble Bingo now:

  • Good choice of anything from one and twelve cards to play per game
  • Play the scratchies from just 10p per card up to $10
  • Bubble Bingo has three stages of game play, prolonging the scratch card excitement!
  • Will you get one or two lines or a full house on your online pokie?
  • Easy to play and pleasurable to win when you match the right numbers

Bubble Bingo

The right side of your scratchies has a tube into which the Bubble Bingo numbers appear. When you’ve got a good scratch game to play you’ll see the numbers appearing and they’ll be marked off on the scratch card games you’ve chosen to play.

The first set of numbers for your scratch games focuses on a single line win. Each card has a set prize for a single line, and you’ll win the scratch card prize if you get all the numbers on the line. Next you’ll get more numbers appearing in the tube on your onlie pokies, and they’re for a two line win. Finally the scratch game reveals yet more numbers for the full house. Will you be able to grab a scratch game win for a full house?

I’ve really found the scratchies game to be involving and amazingly good. My first scratch card didn’t win but the second scratch cards did. I’ve tried anything from one to twelve cards on an individual scratchcard and I’ve won more than one prize at a time as well.

Bubble Bingo is slightly different from the usual types of bingo scratch games

You’ll soon realise that Bubble Bingo is worth playing whenever you can. It’s well realised and the scratch cards are easy to read too. You’ll easily see when the scratch tickets are winners, even if you’re playing all twelve bingo cards at a time. Multiple prizes are good to get as well!

The scratchies couldn’t be better thought through if the creators tried. They’re outstanding and one of the most appealing ones on bingo I’ve seen. See if you can locate them on the scratch sites you’ll find around today. When you’ve seen it you can give it a go for some fun.

Play Bubble Bingo Now!

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