A Girl’s Night Out

Scratch cards really are now available to suit every mood and every taste. You really get to play fabulous scratch tickets with the most amazing jackpots and you can have a great laugh as you scratch away. I love all scratch card games but this is a definite favourite of mine.

This is one of the best scratch games on the market. I think it has an awful lot to offer, without being really complicated. Why don’t you check out some of the features of this scratch card that include:

  • A fabulous jackpot; up to $20,000
  • You can bid high or bid low
  • Really easy to play; just match up 3 symbols in any row
  • The graphics are amazing; especially the waiter….
  • Exquisite sound track

These features really do help to make this a scratch game that is the best of fun. I kind of feel the waiters are a real attraction There are two symbols on these scratch cards that I really love; the waiter and the diamond rings. I would match up 3 of these any time! A really classic scratch card! It is good to see how clever scratch games are now.

Girls Night Out – Scratchies To Stay In With

I like to get together with friends, load up our laptops and get some scratch cards, in particular Girl’s Night Out. Then we see who can win the most. I love that feeling of competition that you get with scratch tickets and scratch games generally. Sometimes you may try to do this when you’re playing online pokies, but it doesn’t feel the same. I think online pokie is too quick to be played with friends, so it has to be scratchies and then you can leave the pokies till you are on your own or surfing scratch sites.

You only have to match up 3 symbols in a row, so it is an easy scratch game to play, but the graphics/ audio features make it a sophisticated type of scratch game and that is why I like it. I don’t like scratch cards that are too complicated or take ages to master. What I like is to get the scratchcard, start playing and having fun. I don’t want to waste valuable scratchcard playing time learning the ropes. So for me it is about scratchies that are cute, have good graphics, are easy to play and let you bet high and low and A Girl’s Night Out ticks all the boxes. It is definitely one of the best types of scratch games.

Play A Girl’s Night Out Now!

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