Fantasy Forest

The scratchcard game Fantasy Forest is simply amazing, if you love scratchies that are romantic, fun and transport you to another world, then Fantasy Forest is definitely the scratch game for you. It is truly a delight and although I play a lot of different scratch cards and scratch games, this is definitely one of the best scratch games that I have ever come across.

Fantasy Forest

By now you may well be wondering what makes this scratch game so special. After all it is only one scratchcard and there are lots to choose from, so why choose these particular types of scratch tickets? Well there is much to make this scratch game stand out, so take a look at some of its special features:

  • Some terrific jackpots
  • The chance to bet low to high, which gives you a real choice
  • Fairies will hold out diamonds for you
  • Incredible graphics that will simply lift your heart
  • A scratch all facility if you can’t bear to wait

Although I tend to be quite a practical person and not someone who has all things girlie I simply loved these scratch cards, they really are the next generation of scratch tickets. The whole of this scratch card just feels special and I really wish I could just indulge this fantasy all day long. It is so delightful and with 5 chances to win, fairies and a unicorn how can you resist?

A Scratch Card With Mystical Unicorns

A mystical unicorn will reveal your prize money when you win. How cool is that? It really is one of those scratch games that is that little bit different and sometimes it is nice to play scratchies and just leave everyday life behind and venture out into another world. For me that is the beauty of scratch cards, they allow us to just have a little bit of time to ourselves in this really busy world and instead of having to worry about things, or see to the kids, we can just close the door, escape into our fantasy world and play scratch games or just a single scratch card. The choice is ours.

I know for some people it has to be online pokies and yes I like a game of online pokie myself, but these pokies are not about the kinds of fantasy that you get when you play scratch games such as Fantasy Forest, so check out scratch card sites, get yourself some scratch cards and enjoy Fantasy Forest today!

Play Fantasy Forest Now!

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