Cash Crop

If you like traditional scratchies, then you’ll love the scratch game Cash Crops. It is a traditional scratch game, that is really simple to play. You have 5 corn cobs and you get to choose which are the winning cobs. Then you pick the three you want and see if this is one of the many winning scratch tickets. I like the traditional feel to this scratch card it really does feel special. Why don’t you check out all that this game has to offer:

  • Tickets start at 20 cents
  • Great jackpots with fantastic chances to win
  • Incredibly easy to play; you choose 3 of the 5 symbols
  • Really cute graphics with a sense of fun
  • Very well developed audio features

Cash Crop

I really enjoyed this scratch game, because it has a kind of universal appeal. Some scratch cards that you get are really for the guys, some are for the ladies, but these are definitely for everyone.

Scratch Cards For All Tastes

The joy of scratch cards like these is that they are about fun and that is fun whether you are more mature or a little younger. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of scratch games or there are very few scratch games that you haven’t played. You can just play Cash Crop and pick it up in a matter of seconds. The scratch cards can be bought from lots of scratch card sites.

Now some people like online pokies because they love a quick hit. They like to press play and then a second or so later, they can see if they have won. That is one of the reason I love my online pokie games, but there are times when pokies can be too quick. That is why Cash Crop is the best kind of scratch games; you make it last as long as you want.

So you get your scratchcard, then you take a minute or so to decide which of the 5 corn cobs you are going to scratch. To win, the scratchcard has to show 3 symbols that are the same. But you can certainly take time to select which three cobs will result in this being one of the lucky scratch tickets.

Cash Crops is an inexpensive scratch card, so you can buy scratch tickets to your hearts delight. Ok the jackpots aren’t so high, but you can easily win $200 which is good for such an inexpensive scratch card. This really is a gem in the world of scratch games!

Play Cash Crop Now!

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