Lucky 21

I love my scratchies. I also love card games and so when I heard about the scratch game Lucky 21, I couldn’t believe it. It seemed to good to be true; I could play my beloved scratch cards and my card games at the same time. It really is a great idea, because so many people love to play scratch games, but they also like to play online pokies or card games. So this scratch game offers the best of all worlds.

Lucky 21

However, even if you are not all that familiar with scratch cards or playing traditional card games, then you will still love this scratch game; you are playing against the dealer to match cards up to 21! Why not take a look at some of the features that this scratch card has, such as:

  • A really fabulous jackpot of up to $100,000 to be won
  • Really easy to learn how to play; who gets nearest to 21 will win
  • An autoplay facility or you can scratch off the cards yourself
  • There is a casino feel to this game, with the dealer in charge
  • Extremely good graphics that help to ease you into the casino mood

These features all combine to create a scratch card that is really easy to play and very good fun. I think it gives you a real feeling that you are in a casino playing a card game and I really like to have that feeling from a scratchcard. I don’t have much experience of being in a casino, so this is a great way of finding out about playing cards.

Lucky 21 Scratchies Jackpots Are Ace

I tend to play all kinds of different scratch games because I like the variety that you get in terms of scratch tickets and I like the sense of trying out a new scratch card. I tend to play scratch cards just for the fun of it, but I also like the jackpots that you get with scratch games! With Lucky 21 you can win different jackpots, up to a staggering $100,000. WOW!

For me this is very much about scratch tickets that are very serious, but at the same time, scratch cards that are good fun. I also think this scratchcard makes a great change from online pokie (much as I love my pokies) and I enjoy this scratch card very much so just check out scratch cards sites and get some Lucky 21 scratch cards and enjoy the best of scratch games that you will ever find!

Play Lucky 21 Now!

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