Dragon’s Gold

Scratchies that have various amounts to bet for everyone to try are popular for lots of varied reasons. I like the game play on Dragon’s Gold and you’ll soon see why on the scratch game of that name. Let me tell you what the best parts of the Dragon’s Gold amazing scratch tickets are:

  • Just one flower symbol doubles the amount you wagered at minimum!
  • Bets starting from 10p bring everyone a chance to win it big
  • Top prizes range from £1,000 to as much as £100,000 on Dragon’s Gold!
  • A winning amount is shown clearly on the pay table as the prize won changes from red to green on the scratchies
  • Watch for a roar of fire from the dragon if you win on his scratch cards!

Dragon’s Gold

The game is straightforward enough as the scratch games have just one line to look at. It’s terrific for everyone to try though, whether you’re used to how scratch tickets work or not. There’s just one payline with a red line through it on the pokies, so you’ll see how good it looks and where any wins will occur. The Dragon’s Gold theme is sensational and although it is simple in parts it is dynamic and works superbly on these scratchies.

The controls at the bottom of all the scratch games work really well. They’re simple and work by controlling the scratch game arrows to increase or lower your bets. You’ll also see you can bet up to three times on the one single scratch card payline. It increases any winning chances if you do. For instance I got a flower and doubled my onlie pokies win because I’d bet once on the line. If I’d bet twice I’d have got four times the single flower win and six times the win is reserved for anyone who bets three times on the scratchies line.

Understanding the scratchcard payout system is essential to enjoying wins on Dragon’s Gold

Essentially it follows the same method used by scratch game ideas elsewhere too. The top scratch card amount is only available if you’ve wagered a triple bet on the line when the combination of three dragons on our scratch cards pops up.

But whatever your online pokie bet happens to be, you’ll love every moment and the chance to appreciate the scratch cards too. Scratchcard wins have happened for me on Dragon’s Gold, with scratchies and scratch games on scratch cards sites elsewhere not always appealing to me as much as Dragon’s Gold does!

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