Club Pearl

Club Pearl scratchies are a terrific scratch card for those who like the finer things in life. This is definitely a scratch game that is not for anyone who doesn’t appreciate good things. To play Club Pearl, you have to be a member of a VIP club so not everyone can play this scratch game; only a select few. I think that this is a scratch game that will convert anyone to scratch cards. Take a look at some of the features that this site is packed with:

  • Choice of shells to choose which one is a winner
  • Fabulous jackpot of up to $200,000
  • Different priced cards for maximum choice
  • Exclusive membership so not everyone can play
  • Really exquisite graphics and sound

Club Pearl

This is definitely a scratch card that has taken traditional scratch cards to a new level. This is very much about scratch cards that are sophisticated and quite elegant.

But it is also really easy to play, there are 3 shells to choose from and if you find a pearl inside then you have one, then you simply click to see the amount that you have won.

Club Pearl Are Grown Up Scratchcards

I like the feeling that you have to join a club to enjoy the delights of Club Pearl. It feels like scratchies have grown up and are very chic. I have to say I like the feeling that not everyone can play these scratch cards. It is just nice that it is a little bit different.

I introduced a friend of mine to Club Pearl because I loved it so much and she is definitely an online pokies girl. She plays pokies all the time and for her only online pokie games will do.

So she didn’t want to join Club Pearl, but when I showed her the scratch card, she loved it. She was wholly converted and she loved the scratch tickets, the feel of the game and the fact that it is quite a gentle game to play. She now plays scratch games quite a lot and she says that when she is tired of the kids screaming, she needs the gentle tranquillity of Club Pearl. (I know how she feels).

So if you want to check out the next generation of scratch games then you should definitely check out Club Pearl; this is how scratch cards should be and I think that soon, scratch sites will be full of scratch games like this, with really sophisticated scratch tickets! This is what a scratch card should look like!

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