Crazy Cat

Sometimes there’s nothing better than playing a scratch game that puts a smile on your face. Crazy Cat does just that with a simple but playable scratch card to delight you. I’ve played Crazy Cat several times and each time it’s been a good scratch card to try. The Crazy Cat game comes packed with the following scratch games features:

  • With card prices from 50p upwards, everyone can try the Crazy Cat scratch games
  • Scratchcard fun starts with looking for the cats – find three of them to win a prize!
  • Good news – the cats don’t need to be identical! Just look for any three in the trash cans
  • Crazy Cat is an enjoyable start to online pokie play
  • Fun cartoonish theme gets you in the mood for online fun!

Crazy Cat

One of the main things I love about the scratchies here is that it’s based on a simple concept. Find three cats in four rubbish bins and you’ve won. You don’t need to match the cats on the scratch cards – they could all be different colours. Finding them is the trick!

I also enjoy being able to reveal the scratchies prize at the start. It means I know what’s at stake before I play the scratch games for real. Scratch tickets have an added level of excitement then, and it’s good to know about.

The cartoon theme works well with the cats too. A scratch game theme like Crazy Cats has fits well with the idea of the game. It’s simply drawn but there are some effective tweaks to make the scratch card better, such as flies buzzing around the bins with rubbish in! Try not to find these as they don’t count towards a scratch card prize.

Crazy Cats is a crazy but amusing scratch cards game for everyone to enjoy

Scratch tickets aren’t just about winning prizes. They’re about having fun and enjoying the chance to win with scratchies. It’s the best way to play them and I have added Crazy Cats to my list of favourite onlie pokies. Scratch games and scratch cards of all kinds differ greatly, but animal themed ones often pop up online.

I’ve managed to find some cats on the scratch game so it’s been worth playing. The big prizes on scratchies have eluded me so far, but I’m still playing! Scratch sites with games as good as Crazy Cat are always worth carrying on with, as you’ll see when you give the game a go yourself. Pokies are great fun when they’re amusing!

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