Conga Beat

I’ve never tried many scratch games I didn’t like. But some captivate me sooner than others, and Conga Beat definitely does it early on! It’s a well drawn scratch card with a different method of play, as you’ll be about to discover. Conga Beat packs in the following superbly created scratchies features:

  • Up to twenty lines – and chance to win – on every scratchcard!
  • 10p bets and up are yours to choose from on Conga Beat
  • Superb design is incredible to watch as you play
  • Online pokie features masks of all kinds and they’re different values too
  • Wild, scatter and bonus symbols all improve game play!

Conga Beat

I’ve found that it’s easy to play Conga Beat pokies because they’re easy to get the hang of from the start of the scratch card. Not all scratchies have panels on them and these have reels instead. Click the appropriate button on the onlie pokies and see where the symbols all end up.

I liked the winning lines too. The scratch cards flash up winning lines when you’re lucky to win on the scratch games. A scratch card game that’s complex can be distracting, but scratch games like Conga Beat are playable in lots of ways.

The masks on the scratchies are superbly drawn. The earthy colours fit well with the scratch tickets game idea, so they’re good looking and sensible on the scratch game too. Normally I employ a scratch games strategy to my play. I’ll choose all lines on the scratch cards but play a lower bet on them. It covers all the scratch game options.

The scratchcard takes you into the Conga Beat mood

Scratch cards with a rustic feel are here with the Conga Beat example. It’s a classic in the making, with scratch card effects and an atmosphere that really fit well with the whole idea used to create it.

The wild multiplier is good for any other symbol and it can also mean you win more on the scratchies. Watch out for it as it’s a very welcome sight when it pops up! I’ve got used to seeing the scatter and bonus symbols too. When you try the bonus round you’ll win something absolutely guaranteed. It’s one of the best reasons why scratch cards sites that have the Conga Beat game ensure you know just how good it really is! With guaranteed prizes for the bonus game and plenty more to play for as well, you’ll see just how exciting it can always be to play.

Play Conga Beat Now!

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