Wow, I am not all that into darts, but when I found Darts scratchies on one of the scratch cards sites, I gave them a go and I am really so delighted to have found them; these are real fun scratch cards. I often don’t tend to like ‘themed’ scratch games, but these are simply fantastic. You really do feel like you are playing darts and having the best time ever!


Don’t think that you have to like darts to love these scratchies! They are so sophisticated they have a universal appeal. The scratch card itself is packed with different features, so why not take a look and see: the features include:

  • A stunning jackpot of $200,000 up for grabs
  • A great sense of having a beer with your mates
  • It appeals to both men and women
  • The graphics are great and really create an atmosphere
  • There is a real feeling that you are actually playing darts!

All you have to do is to scratch off and then throw your dart. You have three darts to throw and if your total is higher than the Champion; then you have won! I love that simplicity because it is a really easy scratch game to learn and play. Sometimes if I only have a few minutes I really don’t want to play a scratch game that will take a long time. No, I want to buy the scratch cards, then play the scratch game and then buy another scratchcard. I don’t want to spend all night learning how to play. Scratch games need to be quick and simple to qualify as great scratch games!

A Great Scratch Card To Share!

Maybe you are like me and you really enjoy playing scratch games on your own, but at the same time, you also enjoy having a few mates round and cracking open the beers or the wine and playing a few scratch cards against each other? Well if so, then this is definitely a scratch card that you will enjoy. You will love that feeling of being able to play against your mates and see who can have the most winning scratch tickets! They are really fun scratch cards.

You may think that this is too different for you; maybe you like online pokie games, but even if you do (I love my online pokies and play a lot of pokies) then like me, I am sure you will love these scratch tickets. Just try at least one scratchcard to see for yourself!

Play Darts Now!

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