Slots Pyramid

Slots machines have always been hugely popular but now they can be combined with a scratchies game online too. Slots Pyramid is a huge hit on the scratch cards and you’ll see why when you give the scratch card a go for yourself. Here’s what you’ll get when you try the scratchcard known formally as Slots Pyramid:

  • One price gets you three chances to grab one or more prizes!
  • Play for Egyptian fun with Slots Pyramid from as little as 50p a go
  • The scratch games are easy with three sections to scratch per card
  • Match three symbols the same and you’ll win the appropriate prize for the scratch card
  • Simple fun is easy to have when you start playing the game – it’s easy to understand!

Slots Pyramid

I’ve always loved easy scratchies as you don’t need to go hunting for rules first. There are scratch cards rules of course, but you’ll be asked to choose your price and then hit play so it’s easy to figure out what your next online pokie move should be.

You’ll figure out when you win too. The scratch games don’t have moving reels on the slots. The scratch tickets panel is removed from left to right so you’ll see the symbols you’ve got one by one on the pokies. If they all turn out to be identical you’ll scoop the prize in the payout tray at the bottom of the relevant machine.

The reason I like the Slots Pyramid game is not just because it’s reminiscent of Egyptian lore. It’s also one of the easiest scratch games to play and it’s great for people trying it out for the first time. The scratch game is also cheap to play, although as with every scratch game you’ll get bigger winnings if you put up a bigger price to start with.

The scratch cards can give you small wins as well as large ones if you’re lucky on Slots Pyramid

I won a prize the first time I played the scratchies with the Slots Pyramid. The appearance of the game is simple enough but the scratch game doesn’t need to be outlandish. It’s one of the best scratch games on the market in terms of what you get for your money. Onlie pokies that are fun and allow you to have scratch card enjoyment are what we all want!

Every scratchcard could mean it’s time to win more than once, with three machines on every one of the scratchies. It’s no wonder many scratch cards sites have the game available to play!

Play Slots Pyramid Now!

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