Music Room

When I first saw the scratchies known as Music Room, I realised they’d be good scratch cards to play. They’re like slots scratch games so you’ve got a set of reels on the scratch card instead of panels to reveal. If you’ve never played these types of online pokie cards before, try it now. Here’s what the Music Room game of pokies is all about:

  • Great scratchies for people on budgets – they’re playable from 10p a go!
  • Double or triple your bet on the line to see if you can win bigger prizes
  • Musical symbols match up to win on Music Room great scratch games
  • Just one record on a line – anywhere in the row – wins a prize
  • Scratchcard play with a musical theme is here today!

Music Room

The symbols for Music Room are all musical in nature, as you’d expect from a scratch game with that title. I enjoyed playing the scratch game as it was easy and gave lots of onlie pokies game play for a small amount of cash. I could’ve bet up to £10 on a scratch cards line but 10p suited me and gave me the opportunity to play scratchies for a lot longer!

The scratchcard is appealing visually as well. There is a slots machine in the middle of the scratch card and behind it is a musical stage with some instruments on it. It helps to build the mood for the scratch game and it’s all part of the scratch games feel you’ll get with all the great games.

Scratchies can be creative, as the Music Room example shows

I’ve tried out plenty of scratch cards and some are always better than others. Music Room is a good example of a simple scratchies game that is designed with a music theme. Just one record can win you a prize too – and it doesn’t need to be on the left of the reels on the scratch games either. Even if it pops up on the right it will win you double your initial bet at the very least. It all depends on your original bet and how much you wagered.

Music Room is, for my money, one of the best slots style scratch tickets around today. Beginners will enjoy it but it’s good enough for more experienced scratch players too. Scratch cards site make it available alongside a range of other types of games, so check each one to see who offers it. Music Room is a musical delight!

Play Music Room Now!

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